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Dedicated to the late Jocelyn Hanham and Dr. Fred Dibnah.

This site started 2010 and upgraded 2018

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The 5929 Transportation Website

This site is Hosted by Nick Hanham, Retired Driver on the Swanage
I have been involved with the Swanage Railway since January 1973 and taken many pictures of the railway in this time. In 2008 I started a photographic diary of my regular volunteer turns and these pictures are recorded in Swanage Railway Galleries.
I have had a passion for all types of transport throughout my life and now wish to share this interest, in photographic form, with all who are like-minded.
This web site has been developed since January 2010.
In addition to the Swanage Railway, all sorts of transport in the UK and Worldwide is now on offer since I began photography in 1953.
The site now contain many more non transport pictures.
Please also note that the sites are mainly made up of random pictures with no specific order or information, except dates and location. I hope the viewer will simply delve in and look at events as they took place and enjoy the transport and other photographs.
All the pictures in the Galleries have been taken by your Host & Webmaster Nick Hanham, with a few exceptions taken by your Host's Wife and late Mother.
My photography is via public access.
Any pictures taken on private property were taken by permission.
I do not tolerate or condone trespass to obtain pictures.

Countries Visited for Photography

1 Denmark
2 Belgium
3 Holland
4 Germany
5 Sweden
6 Norway
7 France
8 Spain
9 Portugal
10 Italy
11 Austria
12 Poland
13 Czech Republic
14 Switzerland
15 Monaco
16 Sardinia
17 Corsica
18 Morocco
19 Libya
20 Egypt
21 Greece
22 Corfu
23 Crete
24 Cyprus
25 Malta GC
26 Israel
27 Turkey
28 Jordan
29 Zimbabwe
30 Zambia
31 Botswana
32 Namibia
33 South Africa
34 USA
35 Canada
36 Mexico
37 Costa Rica
38 Panama (Canal)
39 Chile
40 Argentina
41 Uruguay
42 Falkland Islands
43 Australia
44 China
45 Mongolia
46 Hong Kong
47 Pakistan
48 India
49 Jersey CI
50 Guernsey CI
51 Isle of Man
52 England - Northern Ireland - Whales - Scotland
53 Eire
54 Estonia
55 Gibraltar
56 Malaysia & Singapore
57 Jamaica
58 Cayman Islands
59 Barbados
60 Ukraine
61 Faroe Islands
62 Iceland
63 San Marino
64 Sicily
65 Croatia
66 Montenegro
67 Finland

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A Time for Celebrations


Celebrating Her Majesty the Queen's 63 Years 217 days on Wednesday 09 September 2015 Overtaking Queen Victoria as our longest serving British Monarch.